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Date Event Forrest (State/Country)   Comments www Map  
Date Event Forrest (State/Country)   Comments Result Map  
05-09-10 Local Competition Rude Skov (DEN)   Remapped area just 'outside' my door. A great pleasure to race on it, even tough I'm not 100% fit yet. The map looks great and it was even better to run with it. Result Map  
29-08-10 Midgaardsormen (9 leg relay) Marselisborg (DEN)  

A 9 leg relay the Danish equivalent of Tiomila and Jukola… though only with 38 teams at the start line. My club Tisvilde looked really good on the paper. We had a late injury but as the same happened for our worst competitor Faaborg it looked to be a good fight for the money. Faaborg lunched the Gold from the start With Mikkel and Tue on the night legs, instead we had the strongest runners in the end. The result was that Faaborg was in the lead with 8-12 mns on the first 6 legs. A great run on 7’th leg and we were back in action and the game was even. 8’th leg didn’t change that and I started 8 sec behind Faaborg on last leg. I had a short split at 1’st and 3’rd control and got a gap. Lucky me the legs felt better than yesterday, without feeling great. I guess it help to get them fired up so the got used to having a hard time. Managed to give us a 2½ mns win. It’s always great to win a relay and it feels good to be able to give something back to the club, as thanks for their support.

Result Map  
28-08-2010 Danish Middle Dist Champs Sukkertoppen (DEN)    I was really unsure about the shape due to no high intensity training for 3 weeks. The plan was to go easy from the start, which I felt I did. Anyway I was fastest to the second control… hmm… Wasn’t consequent enough in on the way to 3’rd control and ran too long in the terrain until I hit the road which added up to almost 1 mns. Misjudged how close to the top 5’th control were and went too far down the hill and lost 35 sec. Started to struggle with the pace from here and lost the focus on the navigation. Lost time on the route to 10’th (a route right from the line was significant faster) stuffed #12 and #17 with more than one minute. So have to be happy with being 4 mns behind, with more than 3½ mns of mistakes and concrete in the legs. Result Map  
30-07-10 O-Ringen Örebro, stage 5 (Long 65 mns) Örebro University  

Stage 5: The plan was to go hard from the start and try to catch up some time, as my legs and ankle felt better. Started out well but got surprised by flooding one the northern route one the long leg to 3 and lost a lot of more than 4 mns to the runners around me. With time loss in the circle at 5’th, 6’th and 9’th control (a control most runners lost time on) I had by now been passed by more than 5 runners. With a decent run on the last third of the course I was able to gain one place on the stage and ended as 38. Not quite a top 20-25 as was the goal before hand.

29-07-10 O-Ringen Örebro, stage 4 (Middle 45 mns) Kägleborg  

The terrain was supposed to be more run able, and the map samples looked great. From the lesson learned on third stage the plan was to go competition speed, and let the ground slow me down where it was too rocky for my soar ankle. After some hesitation and challenge by the rocky ground for the first couple of controls I settled into a good flow and my biggest mistakes were at the easy control 13 and 14. I didn’t quite manage to read the green boundaries going into 23 and I had to go to the road to relocate. Especially happy to see that I did a reasonable good job on the long leg to 9’th. Compared to 2’nd stage I can only be happy with the result as 20’th.

Result Map  
27-07-10 O-Ringen Örebro, stage 3 (Sprint) Örebro Stadspark  

The race I have look forward to and with the ankle getting better I believed I could do a good race. A lot of sports tape and some pain killers were on the menu again before the race. The ankle felt better and I didn’t have much trouble with it on the hard ground and even surface, compared to the rocky ground on stage one and two.

The tactic was to have a plan before I started any leg, and push the pace on the long legs. I got an early time loss going to second control. I almost crashed with a female runner at a narrow passage and my mind shifted to third control and I ran 5m up the wrong ally before I noticed the error and 10 sec was lost. I kept a good pace over the next section of the course, but had to see another 10 sec lost at 7’Th as I didn’t see the control behind the hedge the first time and ran half way up the stairs before I saw the control and had to go back down. A bad route to 9’Th added up to another 5 sec, I simply didn’t see the right alternative. The biggest time loss though was on the long leg to 13’Th where I was 16 sec of the pace. The right option going backward out of 12’Th was too long compared to the only slightly longer distance from the line going left along the river.

Even with 3 errors and a bad route choice I still ended 15’Th which is not too bad the field in mind, but I can’t be happy with my race due to the errors I made. 

Result Map part 1
Map part 2
26-07-10 O-Ringen Örebro, stage 2 (Middle 35 mns) Dovra  

The plan was just to ‘survive’ by taking care where I placed my feet and instead focus on the navigation instead of trying to keep a good pace. Even after half a roll of sports tape secured around my right ankle and a couple of pain killers, the plan didn’t work for long and a mistake at 5’Th control was the start of a bad race. The lesson learned, which was similar to my experience from the middle WOC selection trial, was that I’m not focused enough if the plan is not run in normal race speed, and I do too many mistakes navigation wise.

Result Map  
25-07-10 O-Ringen Örebro, stage 1 (long dist 75 mns) Kilsbergen  

The races didn’t go as planned. After a wobbly start on stage one I sprained my ankle at 4’th control, as I jumped down a 1½m cliff and landed badly on my right foot. As the rules stated that any runner not finishing one stage was not qualified to start on the following stages, the decision was easy. I continued on in an easier pace and with focus on not making more damage. Except for a 1½ mns mistake at 11’Th and 3mns at 14 I did reasonable, but the pace was too low.

Result Map  
04-07-10 DEN Selection trials WOC 2010 - Long Verdal (NOR)  

It was a fantastic start, straight out in some awesome terrain, even though I started maybe a little to easy. Did a stupid 2 mns mistake at 4'th as I dropped to much going out of 3'rd control. Hesitated a lot on the semi long leg to 8'th and tried to go over the hill, but finally decided to go round, lost 45 sec or so on not being consequent.

Got Company with Olle Kärner, and due to the terrain and that on all the shorter legs the best route was on or close to the line we only separated on the long legs with slightly different route choices.

The legs were not feeling as good as I expected and I had a feeling that I was not running fast enough. I'm still not 100 % best friend with the terrain which might influence the speed as well as my dodgy knee. Was focused on not making any mistakes in the end and at the same time not drop too much in speed. Managed well except a ½ min time loss on last control, before I realised it was the same as yesterday.

Result Map  
03-07-10 DEN Selection trials WOC 2010 - Middle Verdal (NOR)   the plan was to focus on the navigation and safe some power for the long distance. The plan felt apart on the way to first control, as I missed 45 sec due to an unmapped watercourse junction which sent me too far down the hill. I got a little stressed and with another big mistake at 4'th, I couldn't help to work a little more with the speed. With a very bad route choice to 10'th where I lost 1½ mns the race could not be saved. I got company with Christian Christensen. After the arena passage CC took the lead and I never got it back. Lesson learned: There is no easy races, you need to focus even though your not going fast! Result Map part 1
Map part 2
02-07-10 DEN Selection trials WOC 2010 - Sprint Verdal (NOR)   It was expected that the sprint would be long, hence my plan was to start 'easy' and focus on the navigation, it worked well though I was still 4'th at control 4. The focus was on the long legs, and the plan was to carefully select the best route choice and push hard, which also worked well have 3'rd best split on both the long legs even though I lost 3-5 sec missing the last turn before 9'th control.  As for the last couple of races I had to take pain kills to be able to run properly (bend the leg more than 90 degrees) due to consecutive smashing of my right knee into Norwegian rock (before Jukola, before the WC in Raufoss and on the WC in Raufoss - guess it takes more than 2 month to learn to stay upright in Norwegian terrain ;-). I did 2 mistakes and three bad route choices. Lost time (5 sec) on the route to 5'th, as I not as planned ran straight down the slope as there was to much scrub in the terrain, hence the right route around the house was faster. lost 3-5 sec on the way to 9'th as I missed the turn between the houses. Didn't see the passage to 12'th and lost 5 sec going around the house. lost some 5 sec as I lost the  map contact to 17'th and searched to early. On the route to 20'th it was 7 sec faster going more straight. All in all the speed matched the best, but I made a too many mistakes (approx 25 sec) and with 35 sec behind Kvaal who did a good race with a small time loss on the long leg to 9'th,  it was enough for 8'th place. Result Map  
26-06-10 NORT Raufoss - Mass start Gjøvik (NOR)   The right knee troubled me on the warm-up but a few pain killers got the leg moving. Felt tired after a couple of days training in Halden, but the plan was as everyone else to go hard from the start. Had runners around me most of the way and didn't do any major mistakes, but had to let a group run away in the end as the tank was empty. Gained 10 places, which I have to be happy with. Result Map part 1
Map part 2
22-06-10 NORT Stockholm - Sprint Stockholm (SWE)   Felt tired after Jukola and not enough sleep and rest. Tried to go fairly hard from the start but the legs never really responded. With two bad route choices to 2'nd and 8'th and that I saw the passage just before 15'th as closed meant that I was far behind. Result Map  
19-06-10 Jukola (FIN)   The legs finally loosened a bit before Jukola, and I ran with a big surplus of energy, unfortunately a bad route choice and a mistake half way left me some minutes behind. I was able to speed up and gain close a couple of minutes of the lost time on the last part of the course, but more than three minutes behind around 25 position is not good enough. From Tiomila we knew that we had a great team and our goal was top 10, but also that a good performance by all of us could lift us even higher. Due to mistakes and injuries we ended as 13’th team, still a decent result. Result Map
17-06-10 NORT Finland - Middle / Sprint Tuuva (FIN)   This was the first time I ran in a few days due to trouble with my right knee. Though a few painkillers got the knee going. Felt decent but are not focused enough exiting at 2'nd control and continues out of the wrong track. A mistake going into the butterfly pushed me further back, and with a few encounters with high grass on the sprint part more seconds were lost. The legs though responded okay and did some good splits on the longer legs in the end. Result Map part 1
Map part 2
01-05-10 Tiomila Finspång (SWE)   Up for the long night. The BSK  team looked strong and we aimed for a top 10 spot. We knew it was crucial not to be behind Halden on the long night. We were not that lucky and I entered the forest a little more than one minute behind Anders Nordberg. I ran full speed in the beginning but a direction error at 2'nd control and the faint light in front was gone. Together with Kalevan Rasti I took a wide route choice on path to third control. When we closed in on the control I could see the end of a group, my first though was that it was the same runners which I saw at second control. As I closed the gap towards forth I realised that it was a Halden shirt leading in the front! On the rest of the leg Anders Nordberg showed us how to run at night - I'm impressed. I finished 3'rd and we were back in the game. The team did a great effort and we finished at 6'th place. Result Tracking  
25-04-10 Danish Ultra Long Champs Krengerup (DEN)   Danish Long Distance Champs Krengerup 25 April 2010 – Mass start
My plan was to go hard from the start to be sure I was with the lead after the three loops (Motela forking) and then hope there was power enough in the tank to make it home on the last long loop. The tactic more or less worked as I was in the lead with companionship with Rasmus Søes (who had the same order on the 3 loops and lead me the way where I hesitated or made mistakes) as we were in the lead after each of the three loops. I made mistakes at 3'rd and 20'th (around a minute in total). Rasmus then had the lead the way until 27’th where we both lost time (I 60 secs and  Ramus 2:15). Hence I got a 1 min lead, Rasmus was caught by the chasing pack with Tue & Rene with Rasmus Djurhuus about 15 sec behind chasing them. The decider was the long leg to 31’st. I went for the straight option and the rest of the boys took the wide northern track option which was just over ½ a min faster. Rasmus Djurhuus got contact with me on 32’nd. He took the road around to 33 and gained 20 meters. And as I ran for the wrong butterfly loop to start with, and lost a minute and Djurhuus was gone. I was feeling tired by now but kept the same pace as Djurhuus, and was able to narrow the gap as Djurhuus made mistakes in the end and I got a glimpse of him before 44’th were I saw him 30 sec ahead of me on the road. I finished 32 sec behind Djurhuus and had a gap on just 2 mns to Rasmus Søes who took the Bronze.

Splits - in Winsplits to the right, remark: It's not all the competitors only top 4 and THOk Runners. There are many runners marked with big mistakes on control 1 , 8 and 15 due to the fact that, the first loop for the respective runners was a couple of hundred meters shorter.
Map part 1
Map part 2
Map part 3
Map part 4
24-04-10 Danish Sprint Champs Nyborg Vold (DEN)   A nice surprise, the body was responding better than I had feared and I opened in high pace and was leading with 6 sec at 4’th control (10 sec faster than Mikkel Lund the Winner). Did a mistake (13 sec behind fastest split) at 5’th when I changed my route choice after running a few steps in the other direction and took a poor route to 7’th as I climbed over the rampart (12 sec behind fastest split: running along the lake on the eastern side below the rampart). My last mistake was going to 11’th as I misread the position of the tower and drifted to the left (14 sec behind fastest split). Have to be happy with my speed had 3 fastest splits and 13 splits where I was among the three fastest (out of 21 controls). Ended fifth 11 sec from the silver position and 27 sec behind the winner. Result Map  
10-04-10 Danish Night Champs Grenå Plantage (DEN)   A Total different task than yesterday. Fast running and navigation, planned to go a lot around and use the many tracks where possible and avoid the green. Did okay with ½ mns time loss on 7, 19, & 28 and another minute at 24. Though the real trouble started just before second last control when by lamp without warning just died. Had to run the last leg in darkness, but managed to steel a little light from a nother runner and spotted the easy route choice around on the sealed road. Unfortunately there were some big rocks at the end of the parking area which I ran straight into and bruised my left knee. Lots around 1½-2 mns on the drama. looking at the final results my trouble didn't influence in the placing. Winsplits (note not all runners got there splits with them home) Result Map  
09-04-10 BSK Tio-Night trials Arkösund (SWE)   Tough night-o course, but had my focus on the navigation and did a reasonable job except on control 7. Though also misunderstood which control code there were current so spend some time at 3'rd and 15'th control finding the right control a couple of times.   Map  
04-04-10 Eliteserien Middle Färskesjöen SO (SWE)   Felt better than on the long and had the focus on the navigation. Did a reasonable job with a smaller time loss on 4'th and 8'th and then I was caught by 2 mns by Gonon. Ran with him until 13'th, where we both lost 1½ mns. Had a good AP and approach but misread the map in the circle, got a little unsure and saw Gonon further west, and got to far in that direction. Result Map  
03-04-10 Eliteserien Long Färskesjöen SO (SWE)   Have struggled with fatigue all week and it continued in the heavy Swedish Forest. Made a mistake early on (control 7) as I struggled to keep the pace and navigate. From Here I had to fight for my self and the power in the legs didn't last so long. Result Map part 1
Map part 2
28-03-10 Spring Cup Relay Gribskov Mårum (DEN)   Andreas Müller did a good job on first leg and Tue, and Jeppe followed up with solid performances on their legs so I started out in 13'th place. Managed to give it a good fight and with only a few bad route choices I managed to finish in 11'th place Result Map  
27-03-10 Spring Cup Classic Gribskov Nord (DEN)   Was late to the start and stresses too much on the first couple of controls and have lost 2 mns in total at 4'th. Still not feeling so strong due to the food poisoning 1½ week ago, so had to fight hard to keep a decent pace. At the same time I struggle focusing on the navigation and loose a couple of mns, Not a good day in the forest Result Map  
26-03-10 Spring Cup Night relay Hornbæk Plantage (DEN)   Ran first leg, and had the lead for the first couple of controls. Reading the wrong control code on mean that I don't finish with the lead. The rest of the team do a good effort and we finishes 3'rd. A good competition with some hectic orienteering on a short distance with many people around. Result Map  
20-02-10 WRE Long Distance Aldeia da Mata (POR)   A classic race at the end of a hard training camp is always tough. Started out easy and felt that I had plenty of power in the end. Very fat terrain, took a few too wide route choices, and made a couple of control circle errors.   Map  
19-02-10 BSK Training Camp Termas da Fadagosa de Nisa (POR)       Map  
19-02-10 BSK Training Camp Arez (POR)       Map  
15-02-10 Long distance Quiaios  (POR)       Map  
08-11-09 National League - Jættemilen Hareskovene (DEN)   Classic Long distance mass start race, with butterflies. 6 of us got a little gap to the rest before 15th. Did well on the next part of the course until 35. Tried to push the pace up on 26 to 32 as I knew Rasmus Djurhus was on his own on the longer route to 32. Didn't execute too well on the long leg and Djurhus fought himself back into the action. CC had to let go going into 42 and as we split on 43 Sigge and I on the southern loop and Claus Bloch and Rasmus Djurhus on the Western loop. The two other boys made a 2 min mistake and Sigge and I took a different route choice on the long leg. My route was 150m longer than the southern option but I had a gap to Sigge on about 30 sec or so on 52nd. Ran safe the last part of the course and finished 1 min ahead. Didn't feel so strong in the forest so is pleased with the result. Result Map  
07-11-09 National League - Sprint Egebjerg (DEN)   Was not so sure about the form, due to Achilles trouble the last 1½ week. Started out in good pace hoping I could fire up half way. Went a little too wide to first control and lost a few seconds. for the next 8 controls I got a good flow but, hesitated to jump the hedge just before 4th and was a little wobbly on 6th. At ninth, the first 5 in the finish were within 5 seconds (Ross though another 7 sec ahead but he lost it in the end). From here on I did poorly, punching the wrong control at 10, bad route to 11 and running too far on 13 lost about 10 sec on each control. Topped it up with a bad route choice to last control loosing another 5 sec or so. Had trouble pushing the pace, but it seems that the pace was okay but the poor navigation was a setback. Result Map  
18-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria TTepma Aiohn (BUL)   Black Sea Cup final - chasing start
Back in the dunes for a tough sprint, managed to post the fastest time of the day, but spend a fair time running with other runners in sight.
Result Map  
18-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria TT (BUL) Great training, in a very fast terrain, where you need the best of your compass skills. Map
17-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria TTepma (BUL)   Black Sea Cup Part 3
Ran easy after my crash yesterday but still managed to do a few mistakes, only the one at 20th can be blamed a misplaced control.
Result Map  
16-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria Park Bulevarda - Burgas (BUL)   Sprint training near the centre of Burgas. Ran 90% but still managed to crash when exited 2nd control. Smashed the knee, and managed to paint my white socks in the Red & White Danish colours. Also smashed the compass but didn't notice until after I finished, was not to much use in the park....   Map  
16-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria Beaka (BUL)   Relay training with 3 loops, great fun.   Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
15-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria TTepma Aiohn (BUL)   Black Sea Cup Part 2
Tough running in the dunes, but surprisingly easy navigation. lost 35 sec going to first control as it was more or less impossible to cross the marsh.
Result Map  
15-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria Axtoc (BUL)       Map  
14-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria Nessebar (BUL)   Sprint in the historic town of Nessebar. Walked around with Tue, ½ an hour after a massive lunch due to the girls were ordering double portions and someone had to finish it....   Map  
14-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria Bahr H3tok (BUL)   Black Sea Cup Part 1
Not as green as it looks, CC managed to do sub 4 mns/k in a dark green area. Going along the slope was tricky, and I made a few mistakes.
Result Map  
13-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria  MMU IIphmopcko-3aMan (BUL)   Rocky part relevant for Long distance   Map  
13-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria Beaeka (BUL)   Southern part is relevant for the Long distance   Map  
12-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria MMU IIphmopcko-hot (BUL)   Follow John Training with Tue Lassen   Map  
12-10-09 EOC 2010 Training Camp Kiten Bulgaria Kyna Bbnraphr (BUL)       Map  
04-10-09 Australian Relay Champs Mt Killawarra (VIC - AUS)   Anoter run in the great area from yesterday   Map  
03-10-09 Australian Long Champs Northern Spurs (VIC - AUS   The health didn't get worse after the Sprint race, so back on the horse, the terrain should be a ripper so I didn't want to miss it.

Knew that the fitness probably wouldn't be super today therefore the plan was to get a good experience. After getting into the race the legs were actually feeling okay on the flat, though still didn't have power to run up the steep hills.

Took some conservative route choices just to get better attack point for the tricky controls and did well until 6th were I lost the map contact and wasn't sure where I exactly crossed the gully just before the control and hesitated going into the control. Did a small hook going into 9th - drifting too much to the right which was the same case at # 10. A bigger time loss at 12 when I stopped to early, couldn't believe that the tiny gully on the may was so big in real life. My plan was to go around via the track to the right to 14th but when I crossed the road it looked like it just continued up-hill so my tired hill legs decided that I could go straight, which actually was by far the best route.

On the long leg to 16th I couldn't get my self to go straight, even though I lost more than a minute going around on the VIC long champs. I decided to go around left even though I was sure that I would loose time by doing that. but but but?. it actually turned out to be a good route choice as I only lost 18 sec to fastest split (17:49).

Funny enough my biggest mistake was on one of the easiest controls (#18) when I drifted to low and went all the way around the hill and lost 1½ minute. Finished 3rd overall - much better than I expected when I started and with the cold from last Sunday in the backpack I can only be happy with that.
Result Map  
02-10-09 Australian Sprint Champs Benalla (VIC - AUS)   A very easy sprint around the river in Benella. Tried to go hard from the start, but had a hard time getting the legs turning, and felt I was going way to slow. The cold from last w-end still got me.

The course was pure running and due to a late start there were Fwy's in the no anymore so high grass. Made one stupid route choice when I red the Clue sheet 'upside down' and ended on the wrong side of a metal fence, where I could here the control calling from the other side. I was set-back 25 sec and lost a 5 sec lead which was converted to a 6 place.
Result Map  
27-09-09 Victorian Long Distance Champs Choke'em Gully (VIC - AUS)   Was focused on keeping focus at the navigation, and started out conservatively. Hit the controls in the beginning well and it was easy to keep a good pace as it wasn't so rocky and hilly. Had five of the best splits on the 6 first controls - ran a little to safe to 4'th but still ended too high. Thought I did a ripper route choice to the 7'th control (going round left over the paddock and then easy path running) but lost 1½ mns to Shep (30 sec in the circle).

Started feeling very confident with the 'easy' spur gully thing.... So lost the edge and full concentration and the shit hid the fan ½ way to 11'th. Decided to take the small path right to the line and ran without checking the map much. Crossed a watercourse and thought it was the one just west of the control but was the one 4-5 cm WWS of the control. checked the compass and saw that I was 90 degrees out. From then I lost the map contact and 'found' it again a couple of times but it was never right. Was sure my legs had taken me too far and suddenly I could see the Asphalt road and railway SHIT! Suddenly the legs felt very heavy and I never found the rhythm again. My brain told me that I lost maybe 5-6 mns. But as I caught Ruben (Who I also caught on 3rd control) going toward 14th I realised the time loss prob. was a little bigger. But lost more than 13 mns to Shep on the leg.. hard to believe! Must be my biggest time loss for a couple of years... maybe since Eppalock.....
Result Map  
26-09-09 Australian Middle distance Champs Chewton Diggins (VIC - AUS)   Just of the plane, but felt okay. What a nice area for orienteering. with 28 controls on 6.3k it had to be technical and it was. Might not have been that concentrated at the start as I had to talk to friends and club mates I haven't seen for over a year in all the start boxes. Started out making a one min mistake at first control. After that I settled into the course well and expect for a few small mistakes and bad route to 13th I can be happy with the race. Ended 2nd just 11 sec behind Simon Uphill - what a shame. Result Map  
12-09-09 Danish Long Distance Champs Linå Vesterskov (DEN)   What the Course wasn't yesterday it was today. A great course around a great forest. Unfortunately I felt a little worse this morning but I felt I couldn't miss the chance to run in Linå. Felt better than I feared and was able to keep a good pace on the paths, though the fun ended when I had to move the legs in the terrain.

Did a few mistakes but nothing more than 30 sec on any controls. including the errors on 7, 11, 17, 21, 26 and 31 where I by mistake navigated towards control 32.

Can only be happy with my 5'th place under the circumstances around 5 mns behind Rasmus Djurhus, who though didn't ran yesterday.
Result Map part 1
Map part 2
12-09-09 Danish Relay Champs Velling Snabegaard (DEN)   Many teams at the start this mainly due to Men 15-20, M21, M35 & M40 ran the same course. I'm sure even a few of the M21 competitors found the course long.
So did I. I have struggled with a bad cold since the Danish Middle Champs two weeks ago, an in desperation to get ready for the W-end I have done some Jogged very s the last three days. Anyway I was still struggling with the cold so was very unsure about the power, though I still felt I cold do a reasonable job so decided to start.

The forest (one long cliff side) is perfect for route choice legs unfortunately the course setter has chosen to use 30-32 controls on the approx 8,4k course so we had to due with only one really interesting route choice leg which was a shame. THOK (Jesper DJ, Thomas Jensen & Rune Olsen) did a reasonable job and we ended as 3'rd.

I felt okay from the start and tried to push the pace, though had to realise that I didn't have quite the power in the hills and I really struggled on the last loop. I didn't make any big mistakes but a few hooks. Was very happy to see that I was only 3mns behind-
29-08-09 Danish Middle Distance Champs Gødding (DEN)   I started out with focus on the navigation and a plan about pushing the pace where possible without gambling with the navigation. The legs were feeling heavy but still I felt that I shoot a good speed so I felt comfortable.

Made two significant errors, the first on the way to 6'th where I lost the direction in the green and still think I'm on target when I hid the track but realise the mistake when I'm standing with both feet firmly in the marsh, and my memory tells me that the instructions stated that there shouldn't be any marshes on the map! MERDE 1 min long gone! back on track, but I'm a little wobbly on 8'th and 9'th and loose around 10 sec's on both. The other significant mistake which take me out of the equation containing the medals is on the way to 13'th. I get pushed to much to the east by the green and do a parallel error and search in the wrong spot and another 45 sec's just vaporised into the blue.

Did okay on the last loop, except for the route choices to 20, 21 and 22 which meant that even the silver was long gone.

Have to be happy with my physical fitness, only Rene Rokkjær ran faster in the forest than me, but have to admit that the lack of orienteering over the last 1½ month made my navigation too rusty, and therefore I had to settle with 6'th place.

27-06-09 World Cup - Norsk O-festival - Long mass start Brunkollen (NOR)   Was clear in my head about the race. Knew I had to run by my self the hole way after the disastrous run yesterday. Navigation wise I executed well in the beginning but as the clock ticked I got tired and lost the concentration and made a parallel error at 20th control and from the on it was just survival.   Map part 1
Map part 2

Map part 3
28-06-09 World Cup - Norsk O-festival - Middle Skytterkollen (NOR)   Felt ready for this competition as the fitness was back to normal and the navigation challenge looked to suit me well. Started okay but made an mistake at the TV control before a big mistake at 8th when I got confused by a big open area marked as white forest on the map. But it got even worse when I lost the sole on shoe one the way to 11'th and with the sole went my concentration and a good result - what a day.   Map  
13-06-09 Jukola Relay Mikkeli (FIN)   It's always a huge experience to run Jukola, and this year was no exception. We had a top 10 from Tiomila even though we didn't perform on all legs. Therefore we hoped for a top ten at Jukola if we could do a good solid team effort. After a good first leg run at Tiomila (second) and the NOC relay (finished with the leading group) I was ready for another 1'st leg. And what a leg to the first control 4,6 k in less than 17 mns. I was still not 100% on top after the food poisoning just before NOC so struggled a bit with the track running in the beginning. Though I kept the head cool and focused on the navigation, and did a good safe relay leg without any significant errors, which was good enough for a 9'th place on the leg. Can only be happy with that under the circumstances. It was a good day for the team and Jamie could finish the last leg as 9'th, the best result for Pan Kristianstad at Jukola so far. Result Map  
10-06-09 NOC Salo Sprint Pahkavuori (FIN)   I had an extra rest day as Åke somehow is convinced that I can put a decent middle distance together. Instead I did a sprint training with Claus Block in Ekenäs trying to get ready for the sprint mentally and navigation wise.

Started out hard trying to keep my normal sprint pace, but struggled early on, and with a bad route choice and two small mistakes a 11th and 15th I was miles behind the lead but and 20 sec from qualifying. I was disappointed after as I thought that I was back on track after the relay but still I'm not up there yet. 
Result Map  
07-06-09 NOC Salo Relay Palometsä (FIN)   Somehow the race yesterday made my body feel much better today. I knew it would be one long fight to keep up with the best, not being 100% fit. I was ready for the task and executed perfectly after the circumstances and did a good leg without any navigational errors and kept pace with the best as I finished 10th in the back end of the leading pack. Result Map  
06-06-09 NOC Salo Long Toppjoki (FIN)   I didn't have high expectations for NOC in tough Finish terrain as I didn't suit me that well. My expectations disappeared as I got stomach trouble after a Brunch in Malmö the week before the races, and wasn't able to do any training in the last week before the champs, except for an easy jog around the model area. The good thing was that I was well rested when I was on the start line. The focus was on the navigation as I knew I was a little behind my usual form running wise. Did a reasonable jog except for the blow up at 6th where I miss interpretated the cliff and yellow area. Did a couple of smaller mistakes in the end when the power ran out, but had to face the reality that I didn't have the running speed and power today. Somehow I managed to be 4'th best Dane and only 6min of the pace of the fastest Danes, but way behind the leaders. Result Map  
09-05-09 WOC 2010 Training Camp Trondheim Aunemarka (NOR)   Trondheim Open 2009 - Middle distance
More hilly terrain than what we experienced earlier on the Camp, unfortunately the race ended for me near the 2nd control as I twisted my angle badly. Unfortunately I felt decent and finished the course which was a big mistake as my food was elephant size when I finished. No more running for two weeks.
09-05-09 WOC 2010 Training Camp Trondheim Vikåsen (NOR)   Different terrain with a lot of long gullies and spurs with marshes in between   Map  
08-05-09 WOC 2010 Training Camp Trondheim Lerkendal (NOR)   Trondheim Open 2009 - Sprint around Rosenborg's soccer stadium Lerkendal   Map  
08-05-09 WOC 2010 Training Camp Trondheim Rotvoll (NOR)   Sprint training   Map  
07-05-09 WOC 2010 Training Camp Trondheim Øyberga (NOR)   Tough first training in cold weather, rain and with patches of snow in the forest   Map  
26-04-09 Danish Ultra Long Champs Grib Skov Nord (DEN)    I started out in more or less normal classic distance pace, the legs were feeling okay without feeling flashy.

I started out loosing time on first control (1½ mns) as I drifted to the left as the 'white' pine forest was hard to parse in the 'right' direction and got confused when I ran into an unmapped marsh. Not the best start but it didn't take long before I settled into a good flow. Lost time again on the route to 10'th as I was reading ahead and took the wrong road and ended in the forbidden area and had to turn around.

From here things looked much better until the last 15 mns of the course where I started getting tired, and my brain told me to take less optimal route choices as well as I didn't pay enough attention to my best mate Mr. Compass.

Tough I had a good feeling on the middle part of the course, which also is indicated by fastest splits on many of the longer legs. course was not a traditional Ultra long course as there wasn't any super long legs as it was not possible in the selected forest as there always would be an easy road option. Though the courses were fine under the limitations set by the forest
Result Map  
25-04-09 Danish Sprint Champs Vordingborg (DEN)   I knew it would be a very fast sprint with a few tricky controls in the end. Started out well and didn't have trouble selecting the good route choices.

I lost time on both the Long legs, on the first as I wasn't consequent enough and over shot the path in the green and by taken a longer route on the second.

Though the shit hit the fan when I entered the little maze around 15'th control as I didn't see the small entrance to the control from East in the real world and ran around to enter from the other side. But the crucial mistake was when I didn't read the clue sheet heading for second last control. I punched the wrong control and continued to the last control. Suddenly Rico was not ahead anymore and people was yelling about remembering to check the codes... shit I saw the mistake and had to go back.

The effort ended with a Bronze medal which is not what I was hoping fore, but according to performance on the day I should be very happy with a medal!
Result Map  
18-04-09 Tiomila  - 1. leg Äktaboden (SWE)   My job as 1. leg runner was therefore to do a safe good technical run. I knew I would have the strength to close smaller gaps from mistakes or long splits. So my aim was to go and let the other teams do the work while I from around 4'th spot could 'control' my race.

From the beginning I took the safe route choices and felt good. At the TV control (nr. 9) we suddenly could see a group ahead, we had not made any mistake and had kept a decent pace, so I was surprised. At first I wanted to close the gap as soon as possible, but talked my self into relaxing and focus on the navigation, and told my self that I could close the gap at the spectator legs.

Going out of control 119 I pushed very hard and could just se a few lights in the distance, but I knew the control would be common so the risk was low. At the end of the meadows I had contact with the group ahead groovy! The I was a little wobbly on the next control but could close the gap to the leaders on the next couple of easy legs and suddenly at the 5'th last control I have joined the leading pack. We were all together at the 3'rd last control and we all went straight except one who was clever and took the southern track option and finished ½ a min ahead of the pack.

I'm happy with my race, it was just according to the plan.
Result Map  
17-04-09 Eliteserien Sprint Pålsjöskog (SWE)   Forest sprint 'relevant' for WOC
Was focus on delivering a good technical race and put the running element in second row. Started out well and got a good feeling with the map. Though was a bit rusty with navigation in 'over-speed'. Hesitated a bit going out from fourth and couldn't decide if I should go straight or around and lost almost 10 sec. Got confused going to the spectator control and did an extra loop around some bushes with in total set me 20 sec's back. apart from these two time losses is was consequent in the navigation and the feeling navigation wise was good. I still have a little to go with the speed. With more and more surplus I'm confident that the speed will come when I start introducing intervals in the training again.
Result Map  
06-04-09 WOC Training Camp Hungary   Great training opportunities nice weather and perfect hospitality in hungary
10-04 Eger Sprint
11-04 Dorongos Middle qualification
12-04 Nagybodzas Long distance

08-04 Torzo Slovakia
04-04-09 Danish Night O Champs Søgård (DEN)   When I start warming-up the legs feels better than they have been in a long time, so felt confident. The plan was to go around and focus on the navigation. Is a little wobbly on 2 and 3. Have some trouble with control 5 as the depression is not where I would like it compared to the path and the white forest. Take a bad decision going to six straight through the green. Misses the control by 5 meters and so and spend 1½ mns before I find it (didn't remember the tactic about going around and avoid the green => 2 mns down) Loosing time again on 10'th as everyone else, and 16 as I don't pay enough attention to the compass, get very surprised when I passes track no. two and have to stop and relocate. Again in trouble exiting no. 18 and 22 is hard to locate. I'm leading on control 27'th but loose time on the route choice to 30 and 34, otherwise the feeling okay in the end, except for a crash down the hill going for last control, and suddenly my lamp is in a few peaces spread over the forest floor! Lucky me I can finish without light. Ends 2' 44 sec behind.

Not happy with silver for two years in a row but good to see the speed is getting better and better. With more running confidence the navigation will improve as well so, I'm looking forward to the next couple of competitions.
Result Map part 1
Map part 2
27-03-09 Spring Cup Relay Tisvilde West (DEN)   Was unsure how my body would cope with two tough competitions in a row, as I have been feeling more tired than usual the last 3 weeks.
But got a nice surprise, when my legs was able to close the gaps after some long splits in the beginning and middle of the course. Is a bit to aggressive on the last loop and go straight to the control in the dunes instead of the path and loose 1-1½ mns, otherwise I'm happy with the race and the road my shape is following
26-03-09 Spring Cup Classic Tisvilde East (DEN)   The shape is graduately getting better, but still felt like I couldn't find the 5'th gear. Very curious in the beginning checking the map and all the small vegetation boundaries, and try to go safe. Hence okay in the vague areas around 1'st and 2'nd control. Loss a little time on 4'th as I'm thinking I'm to low. Catching up with some runners going out from 7. pick a bad route and don't see the little open knoll just before the control and as I'm at the same time don't pay enough attention to the compass I go wide and have to relocate. A few smaller error but then hell is loose on 20'th control, where I loose 3 mns. The map is very vague and the angels and lengths are inaccurate. After worth the splits shows that the majority of the field looses time on this control, indicating that something is wrong. Felt okay but can't be happy with more than 6 mns time loss. Result Map  
14-03-09 Club Cup match Slagslunde (DEN)   The Danish interclub competition. Was feeling very tired after to hard Tio selection races for PAN the prior two days. So the speed wasn't up to date   Map  
11-03-09 Zealand Night Champs Danstrup (DEN)   Feeling heavy running and struggled a lot with the compass going in and exiting the controls. 3'rd close behind MHS and Rasmus Søes   Map  


Training Camp Portugal Portugal   Great to get away from the cold North. Though had been sick for a week leading up to the first competition, so it was a tough start. Got better and better as the days went by.

21-02 Mate de Capecao Middle distance
21-02 Vila do Cabecao Night Sprint
22-02 Serra de Bricos WRE Long distance
23-02 Remendo Middle distance
23-02 OriShow - Qualification, Semi-final, Final
24-02 Remendo shortened long distance

23-02 Agenbas da Seda Control picking
24-02 Azaruja
25-02 S.Bartolomeu Outeiro Compass/contours
25-02 SBOuteiro 4, map reading
26-02 Caceca Velha
27-02 Pilado Contours
27-02 Viera de Leira Contours
11-01-09 New Years Relay Rørvig Sandflugts Plantage (DEN)   The Classic start of the year. 3 man relay no forking, just go! With MHS, & Jamie. The good thing is that we won and it's MHS' 10'th victory in straight line in this relay, meaning that he reached his goal, so guess we don't need to go next year   Map  
Date Event Forrest (State/Country)   Comments Result Map  
08-11-08 Sprint Hillerød Hillerød (DEN) Had a light cold, so did just cruise around the course, was a good and technical sprint, but as always easy when you don't push hard. Result Map




WOC 2009 Training Camp Hungary Hungary Training maps:
22-10 Long Bükkszentlereszt
23-10 Short dist Barátság-kert
23-10 Sprint Miskolc-Tapolca

26-10 Middle Tamá-Kút
27-10 Silica - L´adnica Slovakia
27-10 Hollósteröap

28-10 Sprint Berekalja




WOC 2009 Training Camp Hungary Hungary Did two competitions:
Long Qualification:
Legs feeling ready and did a decent job navigating. Didn't see many runners in the forest but made a few not optimal route choices and one 45 sec mistakes by the end. Happy with the placing (6'th), great terrain there suits me well. Big contour lines and hard fast running

Long Final
A bit wobbly in the beginning and lost time on 2'nd and 4'th, meaning had to run a bit with Baptist. Ran into a trunk on the way to the butterfly control and my right leg got stiff. Got back in to navigation and did okay on the loops, hereafter the leg started hurting more and more had a hard time running downhill and ended up walking the last 2½ k or so.

18-10-08 Blodslitet  Ulvedalen-Rørfjell (NOR) Finally I was feeling good running again. Classic style with 3 ½ an hour loops and a long common last loop. Did fine on the 3 loops running a fair bit by my self, but was around 45 sec to late out to go out on the last common loop with the best. So was by my self a bit behind and started making stupid mistakes and bad route choices, and the speed disappeared in the end. But great to be able to race at a good speed again! Result Map part 1
Map part 2

Map part 3
Map part 4
05-10-08 Danish Club Champs Hjermind (DEN) Again not feeling totally on top due to a cold, but managed to do at least okay. The forest is in some parts more interesting than it looks at first hand. Surprisingly I did well on the longer legs but lost time on the shorter. Result Map
21-09-08 Danish Ultra Long Champs Skjoldnæsholm (DEN) Knew the shape was not quite there yet, still haven't recovered 100% from the overtraining, but was sure I was able to get around. Ended up being a lot of road running. Didn't make too many mistakes but didn't quite have the needed speed and strength in the end. Result Map part 1

Map part 2

14-09-08 Danish Long Champs Rømø Sønderland (DEN) Really looked forward to this race, even though I was a bit unsure about the shape on the day. Knew that the butterfly was very tricky and a few runners had quitted as they weren't able to locate the controls in the green!

Start in good pace and with focus on the navigation. A small error on 2'nd but did well until the butterfly. in total 7 controls in dense pine forest were all control sites were questionable and the map was directly poor. It was pure bush bashing in the jungle, a true treasure hunt.

Not an acceptable standard for a national championships. Tried to keep up the spirit and get the best out of the race even though I was caught by Christian Christiansen with 16 mns!!!

Ran very well on 12-18 and kept him behind me, but lost a bit going straight on 19. Went straight on 25'th and lost a lot of time in the marsh where there were a lot of timbered trees. Merde, that was enough and I could take the rest of the course serious and just cruised the rest and even forgot to punch the control after the spectator (control 30). Sadly I end 2'nd if you adjust for all the mistakes in winsplits.... so the good thing to make with me to competitions in the next couple of weeks is that the speed is still okay, even though the training haven't been as planned the last 4 weeks.

Fantastic terrain but the race was destroyed by poor mapping and very dodgy controls in thick green forest. Sadly this is the best we can do in Denmark. Looking forward to run the Swedish National champs later this year, that's a guarantee for good courses and maps.
Result Map
13-09-08 DEN Relay Champs RømøNørreland (DEN) On the paper we had a great team, Thomas Jensen, Jamie Stevenson and I. Tisvilde Have won the relay the last 3 years.

I started the game on first leg. Has a little longer split than Fåborg (Tue) who was alone in the lead after the first 5 controls. But then it was easy to close the gap due to no splits and very good visibility in the heather area. Made a small mistakes (10sec) going into 13'th and got a bad passage through the green to 15 and suddenly I was 1 min behind. Ran okay on the rest but didn't have the last gear today so could push the pace. TJ made a few mistakes on 2'nd leg and Jamie did a fine job on last leg and we ended 3'rd.

Disappointed but as we lost the lead on first leg and course setter only made a very small split after 5'th control (28 controls in total) and Pan Århus and Fåborg ran together the entire relay we didn't have a chance to catch them.
Result Map
30-08-08 DEN Middle Champs Borup Sydvest (DEN) Was unsure about the shape du to light overtraining symptoms the last 2½ week. Though still decided to go hard from beginning. Didn't feel superb but pushed hard. Caught a "slower" runner at 4'th control, the last couple of times that have happened I have made mistakes on the following legs. I rushed my navigation a bit and didn't follow the plan and made a ½ mns mistake at 6'th a poor route to 8 and 9. a 15-30 sec error on 13'th and we were together again. and then I lost 15 sec on the second last and 10 sec on the last control to very stupid mistakes. I had the legs to play for gold but due to poor concentration I ended 6'th 1:04 behind Jamie. Was leading with 20 sec on 5'th control, so that's just not good enough. Result Map part 1

Map part 2

01-06-08 EOC Ventspilts - Relay Result
28-05-08 EOC Ventspilts - Long Final Result
27-05-08 EOC Ventspilts - Long Qualification Result
26-05-08 EOC Ventspilts - Sprint Final Result
26-05-08 EOC Ventspilts - Sprint Qualification Result
10-05-08 EOC Trials - Long Degeberga (SWE) Calf still bad, but decided to give it a go after a long warm-up. Tried set a good pace from the beginning and felt okay. ½ way on first loop the calf started to cramp and midway on second loop it wasn't funny anymore so decided to cruise back to the buffer fly control, and got a ride to the assembly area from there. Result Map
10-05-08 EOC Trials - Middle Horna Fura Västra (SWE) Long easy warm-up 25mns due to problems with right calf. Used some witchcraft, ice, elevation and Voltaren in the pause. Could still feel it when I ran but it wasn't really painful. Guess I focused to much on the running and the soar calf, so I didn't concentrate enough on the navigation. Tried to run in a little lower pace in the beginning, to feel comfortable with the calf and navigation, anyway lost 10 sec on first control. When to far left on 3'rd control , and hesitated on 4'th otherwise I did okay until 10'th where I stopped to early. From here the shit hit the fan! Lost time on 11 and 14 ran ran straight to 15 and stuffed up 17 searching again to early! merde. Rest of the course was okay except for a crash into a pit, when I was reading the going towards the last control. Did a piss poor job navigating wasn't focused enough, not sure if it was because I spend too much energy on the soar calf, but it was just not good enough. Result Map 1
Map 2
10-05-08 EOC Trials - Sprint Högskolan (SWE) Good start for the EOC trials weekend. The first starters ran just below 13mns so knew it was a fast sprint and I had to go fast from the beginning. Was focused on giving myself enough time to avoid mistakes. Didn't feel super running, but I guess it's always like that in these super fast sprints. Lost some secs on 3'rd and made an route choice error to 4'th. biggest mistake was on 10'th where I for some secs were navigating after the first control. Can only be happy with the race a I  finished on top with a 4 sec margin. Only problem was a muscle strain in the right calf, just after I had finished. Result Map
06-04-08 DEN Sprint Champs Risskov (DEN) 1½ hour nigh-O in the legs! but still managed a 2'nd place, how awesome is that! Only did a few small mistakes but the clock is ticking in sprint. Lost around 30sec, worst on 7 and 10. almost 1mns behind, but happy with silver. Result Map
05-04-08 DEN Night-O Champs Stendal Ulvedal (DEN) Not too excited after I saw the map..hmm, but yea night-O is usually fun and challenging so what the heck let go! Felt good running but to many dodgy control in green stuff, and the mistake clock ended on 8½ mns. Strange enough good enough for 2'nd place so have to be happy with that. Result Map
30-03-08 Spring Cup relay Gribskov Vest (DEN) Pan Kristianstad had two good teams on the start line, unfortunately we couldn't out it together on all legs and ended 5'th, 8'th and 14'th. Result Map
29-03-08 Spring Cup classic Gribskov Midt (DEN) The problems with the micro route choices and made a few errors and when the legs at the same time didn't wanted to go fast, the result was a 21'st place Result Map
23-03-08 'Eliteserie Middle distance Brunnsberget (SWE) Had an early start and had trouble with keeping a good pace and hold the navigation together, crashed and twisted the ankle, and decided to abandon race. Result Map
22-03-08 'Eliteserie Sprint distance Brunnsberget (SWE) Sprint Qualification
Sprint Final
Result Map Qual
Map final
21-03-08 7-manna Ran the 5'th leg, 3'rd day leg. Did a reasonable job, despite some tired legs. Result Map
14-03-08 Training camp Gothenburg Sweden Incl. middle distance 'race' on Nya varvet Map
Date Event Forrest (State/Country)   Comments Result Map  
14-12-07 Training camp Wales & Oxford Wales & England Long race on the map 'Mynydd Llangatwy' try to say that! and sprint in Oxford. Map Myn
Map Oxford 1

Map Oxford 2
27-10-07 Smålandskavlen Gunnarsö (SWE) A become a long drive as we drove over and  back the same day. Terrain was fine but Småland cold as usual. Did a decent job but didn't quite have the speed in the nice terrain. Map
20-10-07 Blodslitet Borredalen (NOR) Nice terrain and the shape was to battle with the best. Ended officially as 11'th though I finished as 9'th. Can be happy with the result only a couple of mns behind Nordberg after 2½ hour of running. Result Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
14-10-07 PWT 'Race' Pro Pardubice (CZE) 7:30 am Start on a sprint course is early! Ran the Course from PWT as our last 'race' in Czech for now. Map
13-10-07 WRE Race Zlate Hory Czech Melchior (CZE) Legs a bit tired but still managed to run up the hills. Lost some time on the dodgy first control. Had trouble running fast downhill so 'took' it easy on the steeper parts. Stuffed up 7'th control with around 2mns. Had another 1 mns time loss on the route to 12, as I was going over the top instead of trough the green. Map
12-10-07 WOC 2008 training camp Zlate Hory Czech Zlate Hory Bohema (CZE) Shitty as, the map maker must have been drunk! Map
12-10-07 WOC 2008 training camp Zlate Hory Czech Divoky Potok (CZE) Relay & Long relevant Map
11-10-07 WOC 2008 training camp Zlate Hory Czech Zarovy Vrch (CZE) Middle relevant (vegetation, dense/thick areas and rocks) Map
11-10-07 WOC 2008 training camp Zlate Hory Czech Adamov (CZE) Middle relevant Map
10-10-07 WOC 2008 training camp Zlate Hory Czech Zarovy Vrch (CZE) Middle relevant (vegetation, dense/thick areas and rocks) Map
10-10-07 WOC 2008 training camp Zlate Hory Czech Dlouha Voda (CZE) Middle relevant (vegetation and stones) Map
09-10-07 WOC 2008 training camp Zlate Hory Czech Vidnava (CZE) Special terrain, not too relevant for WOC 2008 Map
09-10-07 WOC 2008 training camp Zlate Hory Czech Cerna Voda (CZE) Middle relevant Map
07-10-07 WC 10 Post Finance Sprint (B-final)
Stein am Rhein Swiss
Hohenklingen (SUI/GER) Due to my lack of points I was only permitted to run the B-Final. Tried to go fast except down hill where I was a bit cautious. Did two bad route choices and lost around 1½-2 mns. Ended 3'rd. Map
06-10-07 WC 9 Post Finance Middle Distance
Stein am Rhein Swiss
Hohenklingen (SUI/GER) Perfect setting for a nice. Start at a Castle, a nice forest, running in two countries (Suisse and Germany) and a finish in a crowded town with fantastic atmosphere. Did reasonable in the first part of the race, except for a smaller time loss on control 4. Started to make mistakes on 14'th and continued with a poor route to 16'th and a 2 mns mistake on 18. 3 mns error from 13 to the finish kicked me out of top 20 and a place in the A-final in the Sprint. Ended as 33'rd. Result Map
09-09-07 DEN Long Champs Klinteskoven (DEN) Same as the Relay champs, Though a few more dodgy controls, not sure what the meaning is with hiding the controls so you can't see them even though you can see the feature! Lost 6½ mns on fist control, relocating 3 times on a control 30m from mine! The course setter had made a leg cross a marsh and suddenly it must have changed to a lake overnight. And great job with putting out refreshments when they weren't on the common route choices!

Have to say Jamie did an amazing job and showed us how to race. On the two longer legs to 13'th and 19'th everyone else is so far behind it looks like they made a mistake!
Result Map
08-09-07 DEN Relay Champs Klinteskoven (DEN) Only good thing about the map and race was that we won!
The mapping was poor, the course print was out and even the start triangle was misplaced about 80m!
02-09-07 Euromeeting Long distance - Seefeld Austria Seefeld Wildmoos (Austria) Lost time on a route choice to 2'nd and 5'th and another mistake leaving 6'th. thought I caught a Suisse on the way to 7'th but he actually caught me with 2 mns. He passed me as I lost time on 15'th. With a messy butterfly, running from 17-> 20 -> 18 and some smaller mistakes and a bad route choice to 27'th put me 7 mns behind the winner. The good thing was that I managed to keep the same pace as the leaders. Map
01-09-07 Euromeeting Relay - Seefeld Austria Seefeld Wildmoosalm (Austria) Ran first leg, my thigh felt shit in the beginning, but was still able to keep up. There were some big gaflings so ran on my own from 3'rd control. Lost a bit of time on 6'th, but took my self out of the race by running from 6 to 9. Ran a couple of bad legs until the spectator, where I got some speed back in the legs and almost ran same pace as the leaders on the same gafling. Map
31-08-07 Euromeeting Sprint - Seefeld Austria Seefeld Wildsee (Austria) Had trouble to set me up for the race, and started way to defensive, and didn't push enough in the forest part. Made a big mistake on the first control in town an it was "race over". Map
11-08-07 Danish Middle Distance Champs Hørbylunde Syd (DEN) After the very disappointing WOC selection, I was set for pulling out a good race. Didn't feel too good during the week, but was keen to show it was a mistake to pick a few guys for the WOC on there old merits. Did a bad start and couldn't interpret the map  the around the first control as the green area was much higher and the map was rough drawn. Cost me 20 sec, and a little bit of frustration, and I was a little to low on the 2'nd. Lost some time going too low 4 -> 5. I made two more navigational errors, overshooting 18 and checking too early on the second last. Only other time loss was from getting stuck a few times in some fallen timer (not shown on the map) on the way to 6, 8 and 22 with around 10-15 sec time loss on each. Happy with the placing, Silver is not bad and Mikkel had a very good race. If I add all my time loss together it might add up to 1 min.

Happy to show that the National coach made some wrong choices when he selected the WOC team this week..
Result Map
05-08-07 WOC Trials Long Linå Vesterskov (DEN) Was a bit worries due to my heavy legs yesterday. So started with an easy pace, trying to run safe navigation wise. Managed to lose 20 sec or so on 1'st so it wasn't a pretty start. Ran a little bit wobbly but almost caught Tue on 14'th (he was on the way out as I ran in to the control. Unfortunately I lost around ½-1 mns on the control and never saw Tue again (He finished 4'th.. bugger). Lost some time on 21 and 23 but got into real trouble at 24'th and 26'th and lost a min on each. meaning I dropped from 3'rd to 5'th. Result Map 1
Map 2
04-08-07 WOC Trials Middle Vrads (DEN) Had Problem with a Cold during the week so had to have 3 days with no training. It helped but didn't feel 100% at the start line. The Goal was to do a technical good race. In a difficult and vague terrain I didn't manage to do that, and ended with around 2½ mns of mistakes, including a loss on a route choice to 14'th, which due to a very poor track costed some time. The good think was that my run was good enough to 3'rd just one sec. behind second even though I had problems with getting all the power out of the legs..

It's looking good for Ukraine so far.
Result Map
25-07-07 WC 5 Sprint B-final (O-Ringen) Mjölby (SWE) Sprint again. Was fast from the start - fastest split to 1'st control. misread the course structure on the way to 3'rd and ran against 9'th control, though figured out the mistake before got that long. Lost time on 9 and 10 (around 30 sec.) The legs got tired in the end and I couldn't maintain the high speed. Result Map
24-07-07 WC 4 Middle dist B-Final (O-Ringen) (SWE) I know it was going to be tough to get into top 5 and secure an A-final spot for the Sprint. Couldn't get hold of the bearing to the first control and lost around ½ a min. on the long leg to 4'th i got stuck in the green and lost another 45 sec. Did well from here except a small time loss going wrong out of 5. Got tired by the end and managed a decent 8'th place, unfortunately 40 sec to slow. Result Map
23-07-07 WC 3 Long Dist Mass start (O-Ringen) (SWE) Arrived back from Australia Friday evening after flying out of Mumbai 3:00 am in the morning. Felt okay from the start. Made an error on the 2'nd half the first loop, and ran mostly on my own on 2'nd and 3'rd loop. Just saw Jonne Lakanen going out on the long common last loop we were placed around 36. Managed to keep up with him for a while but after 1:25 my legs faded fast, and I had to let my self dump through the field loosing 5 minutes over the last 4 k' ending up at a disappointing 53'rd place. Result Map 1/4
Map 2/4
Map 3/4
Map 4/4
15-07-07 AUS Relay Champs Single's Forest (AUS) Different terrain compared to the last couple of days. Fast and vague gully spur ... normal not my cup of tea. though did reasonable well after a wobbly stat to the first. Was too conservative going to 6'th and made a small error on 14. Result Map
14-07-07 AUS Long Dist Champs Nguluway (AUS) Went really slow in the beginning but just couldn't figure out how to navigate. After blowing it up big time on the leg to control 9, I forced my self to put the map down on the ground and wait 5 sec. and then restart! it helped... I did okay navigation wise from here on. The speed was okay without being fantastic. Map
12-07-07 Western Plains Carnival II - Short dist Dhaadyiwa (AUS) Tried to focus on this race, as it was short and my legs were starting feeling better. Tried to run safe to the first control, but an extra knoll got me into trouble and I was caught with a minute from behind. Speeded up but made a small mistake in 5, 8 and 11. Managed to get a gap going out of 15 and gained ½ a min on the last couple of controls. Still only ended 2'nd but best race so far. (Were putting out some SI units for the JWOC middle the day before - our control 2, 8, 15 & 16 - though still managed too lose time on 8'th!). Result Map
10-07-07 Western Plains Carnival I - Games dist Malang (AUS) Some uncertainty on the first control and shitty route choices to 4 and 5 and error on 6'th put me back a fair bit. Speed up though still have trouble with the power in the legs. But the big blow was when I ran of the map to 18 and lost a massive 7 minutes. Result Map
08-07-07 Dubbo Dash - Sprint Mass start Sandy Beach (AUS) Missed the start with around two minutes, so ran on my own. Caught the first couple of guys around control 5. Legs still a bit tired but still managed the fastest time if my late start was taking to account. Result Map
07-07-07 NSW Long Champs Tuckland Forest Tuckland Forest (AUS) The body was tired after a hard week with two trainings a day. It didn't help that we arrived around 1:30 am after a 9 hour drive from Melbourne to Dubbo. bed on the concrete floor with a shitty sleeping back limited my sleep to two hours. Didn't see the route choice around to the first control before it was too late and it didn't help that I made a couple of minutes ara trying to locate the flag. Did well in the middle section, but read on control 13 going into 12. The motivation and power was disappearing by the end of the course and more mistakes was sneaking in. Result Map
01-07-07 Street-O Score event Yarra Bend Park (AUS) Classic Street O-event in Melbourne. Legs tired after the last two days of travelling. Map
16-06-07 Jukola Lapua (FIN) Pan Kristianstad normally can't put it together at Jukola and this year was no exception. We lost time on the first couple of night legs and never managed to close the gap to the leading team. I ran 6'st leg and made a 1½ min error on the first control. Felt okay from here and did a decent race running on my own. Unfortunately I lost time again in the difficult area around the assembly area going into second last, Result Map
14-06-07 WC 1 Sprint B-Final Lapua (FIN) B-Final, but wanted to show this was an error. Did well until the first control in the forest. Tried to take it safe, but unfortunately the map was dodgy and the control slightly misplaced. I managed to miss on 11 as well and couldn't keep the race together from here. Result Map
14-06-07 WC 1 Sprint Qualification Lapua (FIN) The shape is getting much better and I was confident before the start. Wanted to go safe. But but but, lost 50 sec on the first control, went to the right cliff but didn't see the control as it was located on the side of the cliff. Tried to speed up, but almost jumped control 14 and lost more sec's. Just not good enough. Splits Map
28-04-07 Tiomila Sweden The Pan Kristianstad Team looked great on paper and now it was time to deliver. I ran 4'th leg 'Lange Natten'. Unfortunately we lost some time and places on leg 2 and three so I started out a bit down the field. The legs were feeling good and I got a good rhythm and got together with a good group. Unfortunately I made a small mistake just before crossing the bridge going back over and rushed too much on the next leg and lost a couple of minutes on the short last loop. Tio Map
22-04-07 NOC trials Middle Boafall Västra (SWE) This was the race I should try to match the rest. Were focused on the navigation a did a good job until a small depression couldn't be found in the open forest. Lost 2 min and thought my only chance was to go full speed, high risk, though the splits showed I was still in the game. The stressed navigation put into a large error and it was definitively game over. Splits Map
21-04-07 NOC trials Long Boafalls Backa (SWE) Was worried about the long dist as I haven't trained many longer runs lately, and non in terrain. The terrain was to tough for my fitness at the moment and some unlucky route choices put me behind the field. Splits Map
15-04-07 Göingefejden (Middle dist) Angserödssjön (SWE) The good legs from yesterday was long gone. Had trouble keeping up the pace and a few errors left me midfield. Splits Map
14-04-07 Vildmarksfejden (Middle dist) Angserödssjön (SWE) Legs are getting better and better. Had problems with the navigation in the beginning, but speed and navigation worked well on the last half of the course. Splits Map
07-04-07 Kolmårdskavlan Lida (SWE) Only Rasmus and I was ready for the relay. Rasmus did a good job on the first leg. For a change, my legs are starting feeling better. But could feel the last couple of days 'training' camp taking it's toll on my body. Map
05-04-07 7-Manna Sjöarp (SWE) Again did intervals in the morning. Therefore the legs wasn't in dash mode during the night. Tried to focus on the navigation, but still made some significant errors. Map
01-04-07 Danish Sprint Champs Motorcross Kolding (DK) Don't have the speed yet to match the other guys, need a month more training. As I was under pressure running I made too many navigational errors. Splits Map
31-03-07 Danish Night Champs Holstenshus (DEN) Due to the recent months lack of training due to flue, the focus was on training. Did some light intervals in the morning, though maybe a little too tough as I felt the heavy legs in the evening. Did too many mistakes and still have a bit to go with the speed to be up to scratch. Splits Map1
25-03-07 Spring Cup Relay Hvalsø (DEN) DNS
24-03-07 Spring Cup Classic Hvalsø (DEN) DNF - Still not 100% after having the flue for weeks.
11-03-07 Martin Kronlund Middle Peguerinos (Spain) Didn't manage to navigate, but the legs felt slightly better than yesterday. There is a long time a head before I am back in shape. Map
10-03-07 Martin Kronlund Long Peguerinos (Spain) Great to be in the sun and running in some nice terrain. Though the running speed was low due to been sick most of February. Map
07-01-07 Stingers 5-days, Day 5 Middle Macquarie Woods (AUS) Back at the Woods, should suit me well, as I won the elite race last time in this forest. Started a bit slow, but navigated well. Speeded up after the first couple of controls but made a minor mistake on 11 and the route choice to 17. The boys Dent, Olav & CJ ran together, and kept a slightly higher pace. Splits Map
06-01-07 Stingers 5-days, Day 4 Long Gumble Creek (AUS)   Long tough warm race. Didn't last the distance and decided to cruise in the end. Splits Map  
05-01-07 Stingers 5-days, Day 3 Middle Gumble Creek (AUS)   Got a bad start and lost time on 2'nd and 4'th control, tried hard but didn't concentrate enough, and did a poor race. Splits Map  
04-01-07 Stingers 5-days, Day 2 Mass start Kahli's Rocks (AUS)   Leg were feeling better, struggled a bit with the high pace in the beginning and struggled with the navigation on the way to the fourth control and lost almost 1½ mins. Raced well from here except some uncertainty around control 10 & 11. Speeded up and got away from the pack on the way to 12. Got contact with Shep and Carsten on the 2'nd last control and punched the last control first. Good to know the shape is fine and the head still can navigate. Splits Map  
03-01-07 Stingers 5-days, Day 1 Sprint Kahli's Rocks (AUS)   Great to be back in Oz, great to be back in granite, though my head and body wasn't ready. Were unconcentrated and lacked the speed. Splits Map  
02-01-07 Stingers Sprint Sydney Balls Head (AUS)   Total buggered after the night 'ride' from HK, cruised around and enjoyed the view of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera.   Map  
01-01-07 APOC - Middle Champs Tung Wan Tau (HK)   Same stuff, not fun at all, just cruised around on the tracks where possible.   Map  
Date Event Forrest (State/Country)   Comments Result Map  
31-12-06 APOC - Long Champs Lo Fu Tau (HK)   Looked good on the map... but that was all. Long grass with zillions of small rocks and thick patches green stuff, made the race and expedition,   Map  
29-12-06 APOC - Sprint Tai Tong (HK)   Classic sprint race in a park. Though all water courses were made of concrete. Wasn't a good trick to run in normal running shoes.   Map  
26-12-06 HK - Night Champs Braemar Hill (HK)   Just arrived in Hong Kong 4 hours before the race. What a great looking city in the dark....but what an awful place to go orienteering! pure jungle.   Map  
21-10-06 Blodslitet - Ultra Long Veum (NO)   After having the flue for most of the week and only participating in half of the planned training event, I was really unsure about how far the legs would be able to take me. Did a stupid mistake in the beginning and had to speed up. Did a good 2'nd and 3'rd loop. The plan was to stop after the loops, but I just caught a group and thought what the hell! Got really tired on the last small loop around the assembly area but managed a surprising 23'rd place. Splits Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
15-10-06 Tunevannet rundt Tunevannet (NO)   Classic mass start race. Got a gap with two others (Rasmus Søes and some Norwegian guy) on a clever route choice on the way to 2'nd control. Stuffed up 3'rd and increased the speed. Caught the leaders again around the 7'th control. Gut stuffed in the end and had to let go on the last couple of controls.   Map  
01-10-06 Euromeeting G'dynia Poland - Relay Bernardowo II (Poland)   Second leg - started out in the lead. Ran four/five people together now and then. There were big split on the way, especially on the 3'rd last. Felt okay, unfortunately we ended 4'th overall.   Map  
30-09-06 Euromeeting G'dynia Poland - Long Lesniczowka Sopot (Poland)   Not sure about I would be able to make the distance, but anyway decided to go for it from the start. Great terrain! navigated poorly from 8 to 10 and made a big route choice error to 15. Some minutes behind not too bad under the conditions.   Map  
29-09-06 Euromeeting G'dynia Poland - Sprint Chwarzno (Poland)   Street / forest sprint, started okay but struggled a bit with the pace. Made a big mistake when I 'lost the map' on the way to 10 and almost ran of the map! Not a great first race. Splits Map  
10-09-06 Danish Long Distance Champs Borupskovene (DEN)   No too much brushed back today more like a setback!
The left Achilles was in big trouble this morning. Struggled big time on the way to the start.
Started easy and tiptoed – stepped like a dwarf around the course made some smaller mistakes in the diffuse areas.
M21 Map  
09-09-06 Danish Relay Champs Skjoldnæsholm (DEN)   Same forest used for EOC relay in 2004.
Tisvilde Hegn OK won in 2005 with, Michael Sørensen, Jesper D. Jensen and Carsten Jørgensen. Could we win again and be the most successful Danish club in the Danish Relay champs with 6 Gold over the last 11 years? Yep with a totally new team RunO, Thomas Jensen and Jamie Stevenson we won again!
M21 Map  
02-09-06 Cup-Match Division 1 Teglstrup Hegn (DEN)   Around 2mins of mistakes on the first two controls. Had a sore left Achilles to start with and a sore right calf to end up with, bugger. Were feeling 'heavy' and struggled with the pace. THOK Map part 1
Map part 2
27-08-06 Midgårdsormen - Relay Marbæk (DEN)   What a boring forest, flat pine plantation. Legs a bit tired. Took some defensive route choices, no mistakes. Team ended 3'rd. Thor Map  
26-08-06 Danish Champs - Middle Langesø Syd (DEN)   Been sick the last 4 Days with a cold. Felt okay on the day. Ran defensively in the beginning and the navigation was a bit wobbly. Made one mistake running from 16-> 13-> almost to 12-> 17 probably lost 2-2½mins. Had an fairly early start the stinging nettles were a pain in the bum, especially when tried to sleep in the arvo.

Ran 40:52 (9'th place) No splits as my EMIT brick died ½-way through the race
M21E Map  
20-08-06 JFM Champs - Long Houlkjær (DEN)   Nice long course in a fairly flat terrain. lost around 2 mins at the 2'nd control. Tried to keep a good pace but struggled a bit with tired legs. Ran a lost around due to the started in the start of the pack. M21E Map part 1
Map part 2
19-08-06 JFM (Jutland Funen Champs) -Relay Hjermnind (DEN)   Had a fair week of training and the long bike ride on Thursday, was still in the legs. Anyway did a reasonable job. made around 2-3mins of mistakes. Nice marches filled with ochre... put the laundry machine under pressure.   Map  
13-08-06 JWOC preparation camp for DK Juniors in Åhus Furuboda (SWE)   Relay training in the dunes.   Map  
12-08-06 JWOC preparation camp for DK Juniors in Åhus Kjuge Kull (SWE)   Extraordinary granite look alike terrain. Set up as a JWOC middle distance final.   Map part 1
Map part 2
12-08-06 JWOC preparation camp for DK Juniors in Åhus Aspet-Yngsjö (SWE)   Another nice Åhus terrain. The focus was on control picking using contours.   Map  
11-08-06 JWOC preparation camp for DK Juniors in Åhus Gropahålet (SWE)   Nice Åhus sand dune terrain. Got dark in the end so had to cut it short   Map  
05-08-06 WOC tour Day 6 Himmelbjerget (DEN)   Still a bit tired but better than yesterday. Made some stupid mistakes and bad route choices and ended a bit behind, M21E Map  
04-08-06 WOC tour Day 5 Gjern bakker (DEN)   Legs were really tired, struggled big time after ½ way through the course. M21E Map  
03-08-06 WOC tour Day 4 Løndal Skov (DEN)   Felt tired from the Pool party last night. Decided to just cruise around the course. Ran of the map twice (on purpose). Legs not to bad when first got started and as I saved the power taking it easy in the hill, they were not too bad in the end. Mispunched! FARK. M21E Map  
01-08-06 WOC tour Day 3 Fløjstrup (DEN)   Again fast terrain, managed to keep the mistakes down. One control mistake and one bad route choice. Nice to finally beat the Norwegians. M21E Map  
31-07-06 WOC tour Day 2 Storskoven (DEN)   Fast terrain, managed to keep a decent pace, but made a couple of mistakes and ended 2'nd. M21E Map  
30-07-06 WOC tour Day 1 Linå Vesterskov (DEN)   Tough course made a big mistake on the 4'th control and the 2'nd last. Was feeling crap running as well what a day. M21E Map  
27-07-06 Training Rude Skov (DEN)   Training run with Liggo   Map  
17-07-06 DK WOC selection trials Long distance Frijsenborg (DEN)   Knew it was going to get tough as the course was 15,6k with 800m climb. At the Danish
champs in 2003 in the same forest the course was 15,2k with 550m climb and the winning time was 98mins. Started confident and with good speed was feeling okay up the hills as well. Caught a guy with 2mins at the 1'st control (he is in the Ukraine team for the WOC!). Lost a little bit on 2'nd going straight. Felt well over the first part of the course, first time I could feel the hills were on the way to 7’Th. I continued pushing and tried to keep a good pace. Got into trouble at 21'st when found my self a little high and decided to
run along the field, unfortunately there were a lot of undergrowth and I was starting  getting tired and lost some time (just over a minute). Were 7'th overall but only a min after no. 3 and still ahead of Jamie Stevenson (the winner). Made the first real mistake on 25 as I was getting tired I was trying to avoid the hills but more or less did the opposite. From here on I was running on fumes and lost around 4-5 mins over the last couple of controls.
M/W Map  
16-07-06 DK WOC selection trials Middle distance Hjermind Egekræt (DEN)   Felt confident that I could do it on the Middle with a good race. Were drifting a little too much to the left on the first leg and was sure lost at least 20sec. (but didn’t lose much). Planned to take the easy route choice to the 2'nd control, going round on the track to the right. Tried to cut the corner and somehow I must have exited the gully in the wrong direction and I drifted out the wrong spur. Didn’t realise it before I saw the pit. Went well from here, but had a small time loss on 10. Going out of 12’th I realised that 13’th looked tricky and therefore I slowed down, but somehow I ended up on the wrong spur anyway. Lost some time to 15 as the yellow was really bad (had checked the SUI trials the week before and a guy went through therefore I took that route choice). Legs were feeling tired in the hill, and the speed was still a little bit behind the best but the mistakes made the difference. M/W Map part 1
Map part 2
15-07-06 DK WOC selection trials sprint distance Esbjerg Universitetspark (DEN)   Was not to sure about my speed, but it seemed to be all right. Made a bad route choice to the 1'st control and lost about 25 sec. (thought I missed maybe 5-10 sec). Speeded up and won the next 3 splits so the speed was there. One bad route choice to 12'th and a two small mistakes in the end pushed me down the result list to where it’s not that fun to be. M/W Map  
11-06-06 Games Distance Munkebjerg (DEN)   Relay - Mass start
The legs was tired after not enough sleep and a lot of speed work. Cruised with the pack until control 7 where we all were running in circles. Lost the pack and cruised easy the rest of the way by my self. Damn there is a lot of crap and stinging nettles in this area!
10-06-06 Middle Distance Grund (DEN)   My muscles was a bit sore, so decided not to push too hard, and instead focus on the navigation. Good terrain except for control 13 and 15 and those areas loaded with stinging nettles. M/W Map  
10-06-06 Danish Park Tour (Sprint) Skåde Bakker (DEN)   Felt a little bit better and the legs were faster than the first round, though it was still a long sprint. Was in the game until 13'th control where my plan was to run on top of the ridge. Was forced to run down to the grass as it was too thick on top. Over shot the control by 15m and lost 40 sec. M/W Map  
10-06-06 Danish Park Tour (Sprint) Skåde Bakker (DEN)   First Race back in DK. The area was used for the Danish Sprint Champs in 2005. The map is located just south of Århus. Was tired after playing fire-fighter and partying Friday night. Didn't help that the sprint was 3.5k or around 19 min. The navigation was simple and only a few hidden controls made up some small time loss. A couple of sec's were lost on leg 14 as I ran up the hill instead of continuing under the bridge and into the control. M/W Map  
08-06-06 Training Tisvilde Hegn (DEN)   Put out control for a race on Saturday. As usual Tisvilde is super nice terrain, good to be back. Got long arms running with 13 SportIdent stands.      
04-06-06 Middle Distance Otakanini Topu (NZ)   Chasing start based on the morning results, therefore I started a fair way down the field. Pushed hard and caught 8 people at 3'rd control. managed to shake them off quickly but small mistakes at 6 and 8 gave me company again. Did well in the crap this time and had the fastest time by 2½ min. M/W Map  
04-06-06 Middle Distance Otakanini Topu (NZ)   Woodhill Sand dune terrain north of Auckland.
Managed to get a good flow and do the easy navigation. Had a 40 sec lead at 7'th. Miss interpretated the map going into 8'th (thought the Hill was a depression). Got in to serious trouble at control 11, had a good map control until just past half way, whereafter I couldn't match map with terrain. Spend a handful of minutes running around in the crap.
M/W Map  
03-06-06 Sprint Satellite Albany (NZ)   Sprint at Albany Uni
Planned an easy pace start, with power to come. When miss read, control 2 was down instead of up, 15 sec was lost and I had to increase the pace. Lost some time on the route choice to 5'th
(15 sec) otherwise okay technically, though control 18 was misplaced (didn't loose any time). Managed to win with a 3 sec. margin.
M/W Map  
03-06-06 Middle Distance Shanks's Pony (NZ)   Looked really fast and really easy. Was warned before the race that it was going to be tough in the  gullies and the mud.
At the first control the Jungle in the gullies were experienced, and the tactic changed to 'go around'. Tried to run 90% pace, and focus on Navigation. Lost 30 sec. on 3'rd, and further some sec on the route choice to 7 and 9. The legs felt a bit tired, but still okay pace.
Ended 4'th.
M/W Map  
28-05-06 Victorian State Series Eppalock South (VIC)   Time To redeem my self after the disaster in my first Aussie bush event in 2004, where I crashed and burned´ at Eppalock with a broken compass, and a miss punch.

Was focused on the good navigation experience and got a good flow. Took some defensive route choices in the beginning. Had problem with control 8 and 14.

Happy to be able to notice my improvement in the vague gully spur terrain with a substantial win compared to a mispunch and 15 min time loss.
M/W Map  
21-05-06 Elite Long Distance race Seldom Seen Central (NSW)   Total different terrain compared to Saturday. Was the last starter but, there were still heaps of spider webs, fallen trees and small boulders. Good start but got into trouble at control 4, as I was searching a little to high. Had a hard time getting back into a good rhythm and made a lot of small mistakes over the next couple of controls. The leg speed was feeling okay without being flashy. M/W Map  
20-05-06 Elite Middle Distance race Macquarie Woods (NSW)   Fast open pine forest with moderate hills
As the start lady tricked me, the start was a little bit hectic and I cruised to the first couple of controls. The legs was feeling Okay, but pushed fairly hard in the hills. Lost some time on 7, 12 & 18, but only minor mistakes. Finished 1'st in front of the Troy and the rest of the AUS WOC team.
M/W Map  
19-05-06 Sprint training Canberra Uni (ACT)   Park orienteering   Map  
19-05-06 Sprint training Canberra Lotus Bay (ACT)   Terrain - Park orienteering.   Map  
18-05-06 Sprint training Canberra Uni Campus (ACT)   Running with headlamp, okay speed   Map  
14-05-06 CHAOS Orienteering Sparrow Hill (ACT)   Four sprint races in the pinafores near Canberra   Map 1-2
Map 3-4
13-05-06 Training (put out tape) Ballinafad Creek (NSW)   Open forest with heaps of termite mounts   Map  
23-04-06 Victorian Relays 2006 Fidler's Green (VIC)   A total different terrain compared to Saturday. Flat fast and patches of goldmining. A new start concept was introduced with a mass start for all legs on a 3 min streamed route. The first leg runner could first pick up the map and start on the course when all team mates had completed the streamed course.

The start split-up the field and was a great view for the spectators.

The legs pulled up very well from Saturday. Went out as 4'th on the last leg behind Act, NSW and SA. Was feeling strong in the beginning at had a good flow (though with a few stops on the way to 2'nd and 3'rd. Got the sight of SA (Simon Uphill) on the way into 10'th but due to different splits I didn't see him again before going into 12'th. Got into trouble at 13 when found a water course not on the map. With 1 min error on 14 and 40 sec on 16 Simon was long gone.

Got his back again on the way to 18 and lost the map contact going into 18'th.
Pushed really hard from 19'th and finished strong and took the Nuggets to a 3 place, only seconds in front of SA.

Remark that all 1'st leg runners will have approximately a 3 minutes longer split to the first control due to the common start loop.
M/W Map  
22-04-06 Australian Middle Distance Champs Korong Spur (VIC)   Had a good lead up with good rest and really fast interval times on Thursday. Started with a 15 minutes down hill orienteering course on Mt Tarrengower in the morning on the way to the event to get some the mind set of running in Granite. Korong is the neighbour terrain to Mt. Kooyoora (WOC 1985 Classic distance). Superb terrain, open, fast, cliffs, bare rock, granite you name it!
Was feeling had to push really hard to keep a high pace the legs were feeling bad. Tried to focus on the navigation. Lost the map contact just before 4'th control, but didn't lose much time. Had trouble going in to 6'th and was overshooting the control. Pick up the speed and set the fastest splits from 6'th-11'th. Ran into trouble at 15'th when thought the control was the big gully just left of the centre of the circle. Unfortunately the control was 'hard to see' gully between the to cliffs NE of the centre of the circle. Got back into flow but was to aggressive on 16'th and didn't take my initial route choice decision left around the hill and lost a little time going over the top. Was unsure going into 22'nd and when down to the big gully north of the control and picked it easily. The disaster struck at control 24 where a 1.29 time loss and the second position was lost. MERDE!

3 minutes mistakes is too much in a middle distance, and the difference between 1'st and 5'th. The good thing to take along was the speed was good even on a day where the legs felt tired.

The moral of all this is the key is and will always be focus on the navigation!

Route choices:

Rune Olsen
David Shepherd and Grant Bluet
Eric Morris
Adrian Jackson

Hanny Allston
Grace Elson
Susanna Casanova
Danielle Winslow
Felicity Brown
Anna Sheldon

M21E and W21E: normal & splits without time loss.
17-04-06 Easter 3 Days VIC - Day 3 Deadman's Flat (VIC)   Another day in superb terrain. Had a good start but a bad route choice to control 6, and I lost the lead. The legs were not feeling as strong as the day before, and was struggling a bit, but still managed to focus on the navigation and didn't make any larger mistakes.  Time was lost on the not optimal route choice to 11 and 13 and especially to control 6. Ended total 4'th after all. M21E Map  
16-04-06 Easter 3 Days VIC - Day 2 Spring Gully Diggings (VIC)   The legs were a bit heavy from the start but was pushing hard in the nice terrain (used for the WOC relay in 1985). Had a good rhythm but caught Rob Preston and was a bit wobbly the next couple of legs and lost 2 min. Lost another 1½ laster on and was running a little low on power in the end, so lost the "contact" with David Shep who took the victory. M21E Map  
15-04-06 Easter 3 Days VIC - Day 1 Mia Mia (VIC)   The legs were feeling much better, but after an early mistake of 2 min on the first control (the bad excuse is that I thought the map was 1:10000 but it was 1:15000 so I never made it far enough!) I was pushing to hard with the running (3 fastest splits) and lost even more time! Once again I have to look at the bottom of the result board! The "difficult" Gully Spur terrain tricked the Dane. M21E Map  
14-04-06 Easter 3 Days VIC - Prologue New Saint Mungo   Was feeling a little bit sick and had to abandon the interval training on Tuesday and didn't train Wednesday and Thursday. The body didn't feel up to speed and the legs were a bit tired. Managed some decent splits but stuffed up 3 controls which gave me an embarrassing 16'th spot. M21E Map  
02-04-06 State League Creswick Diggings   After 2 times pace navigation training Saturday, I was trying to push hard and stay focused on navigation. Was a little bit slack here and there and lost around 2 min on mistakes. The legs was a bit tired but still managed a decent time. M21E Map  
01-04-06 Training Crocodile Reservoir   Back on track with the crocs.   Map  
01-04-06 Training Chewton Diggings   Nice terrain with rocks and gold mining details, good preparation for Easter where day 2 and 3 goes in similar terrain (the old 1985 WOC relay terrain - Wattle Gully Diggings).   Map  
25-03-06 Training Smith Reef   More vague Gully Spur terrain without a lot of details, nice run got a hang of it, ran without compass.   Map  
24-03-06 Training Crocodile Reservoir   A good training in Gully Spur terrain. Ran with Warren Key, who coached and gave good advises.      
12-03-06 NOL 3 Long Distance Yewrangara (NSW)   Same map as NSW Long Distance Champs in 2005. Good hilly area, was tough in the heat and was running low on power in the end. M21E Map  
11-03-06 NOL 2 Middle Distance Graham's Creek (NSW)   Demanding granite terrain in 30+ degrees
Had big problems with the concentration and omitted one control.
M21E Map  
11-03-06 NOL 1 ACS Galaxy Sprint Back Creek (NSW) Spint in open terrain with granite M21E Map
05-03-06 Training Beechworth   Nice terrain with granite features   Map  
05-03-06 Training Kangaroo Crossing   A fighter terrain with some thick parts   Map  
04-03-06 Training Barambogie South   Nice terrain with granite and Scandinavian touch   Map  
04-03-06 Training Kangaroo Crossing   Nice open terrain with bare rock and Norwegian look   Map  
26-02-06 MTB-O Long Dist Bull Gully Wells
Mosquito flat
  A defect left toe clip made it a long race. M21E Map 1
Map 2
25-02-06 MTB-O VIC Middle Dist Champs Mosquito flat   The fun stopped with a flat tire M21E Map  
20-02-06 MFR Run - Sprint Yarra Flats   Another Monday night run with high quality map   Map  
19-02-06 Peg Race Porcupine Ridge   In trouble was running around in circles in the tricky gully spur terrain   Map  
13-02-06 MFR Run - Sprint Ruffey Lake   A quality MFR Monday night run.   Map  
05-02-06 Kathmandu Adventure race Yarra Bend Park   MFR teamed up and ended 2'nd and 3'rd.
Disciplines: Kayak, Bike ride and running
Men Map  
Date Event Forrest (State/Country)   Comments Result Map  
20-11-05 NZ Super Series Dalethorpe (NZ)   The race was in the more classic half-alpine terrain with scattered open grassland and marshes near Arthur's Pass 1 hour drive from Christchurch. A nice race except for the fact that control 10 couldn't be found by the Viking. So after 20 min the runners were pointed at the next control as he had a ship to catch! M21E Map  
19-11-05 NZ South Island Champs Long Distance Woodend Beach (NZ)   A beautiful Sand Dune terrain just out of Christchurch. It was a long though course 16.8k with 50 controls of the old classic punching style, the estimated time of 1½ hour seemed to be road runner style speed. The legs was not feeling to flashy in the sand but the navigation worked smooth in the beginning 25 Controls in 48 minutes! Some time was lost on a few dodgy areas and with tired legs in the end no more than a 3'rd place were in sight!

The legs got shocked with a "swim" in the scary cold ocean!
M21E Map part 1
Map part 2
16-10-05 Vic Relay Champs Canadian Forest (VIC-AUS)   MFR (Melbourne Forest Racers) should have a bad day if we shouldn't win the relay champs in M21. The Team Bruce Arthur, Paul Liggins and Rune Olsen where also as predicted in the lead from the beginning. A open Forest with a mix of pine and eucalyptus and a lot of tracks made it look a bit like Denmark! M21 Map  
02-10-05 AUS Relay Champs Little Childs Creek (TAS-AUS)   It were looking good after 2 legs where we had a 45 sec gap to Canberra with Grant Bluet on the last leg. It looked to be a ripper of a relay, but unfortunately The Victorian Nuggets women 21 team had by mistake taken the wrong map and I was send into the forest with a 7 minutes delay. I lost time on the first control as I remembered the wrong control code. The legs were feeling ugly and nothing turned out right so the Nuggets ended 5'th in the relay. M21 Map  
01-10-05 AUS Classic Champs Little Childs Creek (TAS-AUS)   Were feeling ok and were focused on the navigation from the start and were trying to push the pace where possible. cached Warren Key (the Old Fox) just after control 10. At control 12 though almost 5 minutes is lost on a leg with the fast split equal to 26 sec. Did a few to defensive route choices on the long legs and lost 2 min on control On the way to control 18 I by mistake navigated towards control 19, saw the mistake but ran down the wrong gully and lost 5 min and the silver medal. It ended with a disappointing 5'th place. M21 Map  
30-09-05 AUS Sprint Champs St. Hellens (TAS-AUS)   Top Dollar! A great start on the Ozi Champ Weekend with a close win over Grant Bluet (3 sec). Had a good start where maintain a good speed which was crucial on the easy navigation course. Made one mistake when ran past control 10 without punching and had to go back, A time loss of 15 sec. M21 Map  
27-09-05 National league Sandstone Valley (TAS-AUS)   Open and fast running terrain. caught the guy starting two min ahead but mugged up control no. 2. Had a decent speed but made to many mistakes. M21 Map  
25-09-05 Tasmanian Classic Distance Champs Pittwater Dunes (TAS-AUS)   Supreme sand dune terrain, unfortunately, I relied on the vegetation boundaries in the open and lost time and thereafter the concentration. M21 Map  
18-09-05 Training Petticoat Gully (VIC-AUS)   Super terrain with a lot of gold mining.   Map  
11-09-05 Vic Classic Champs Barambogie North (VIC-AUS)   After some time with sickness and flue the power was not to be found and a soar calf caused some problems as well. M21 Map 1
Map 2
10-09-05 Training / warm up Vic Classic Champs Kangaroo Crossing (VIC-AUS)       Map  
10-09-05 Training / warm up Vic Classic Champs Beechworth (VIC-AUS)   Nice Victorian terrain with Nordic features   Map  
04-09-05 NSW Long distance Champs Bigga (Yewrangara) (NSW-AUS)     M21 Map  
03-09-05 NSW Middle distance champs Bigga (Yewrangara) (NSW-AUS)     M21 Map  
17-07-05 State league 8 The Balt Camp (VIC-AUS)   Easy running open eucalyptus forest near Gisborne (Bullengarook - The Neve's hiding place and Pancake house in the Bush). Didn't really bring the head and were cruising around without focus on the navigation. M21 Map  
03-07-05 State league 7 Kimbolton Forest South (VIC-AUS)   Still problems with calf injury from the DK classic WOC trial, so ran a short course. Easy Victorian gully spur terrain. M21 Map  
18-06-05 Jukola Sippu (Fin)   FTOK Farum Tisvilde had a really strong team on the paper, but could we perform under pressure and tricky navigation during the night in Finland.
David Schneider, Rune Olsen, Chris Terkelsen, Michael Sørensen, Thomas Jensen, Rasmus Søes, Jamie Stevenson.
avid did a good first leg and we were 14'th with a 45 sec gap to the leading pack. I had a good run and it was the first time in the last 1½ year my legs were feeling flying! Did only some minor mistakes and managed to finish second behind Halden with Jakko Houvila. We managed to keep contact with the leaders during the night and with a fantastic sprint in the finish shoot by Jamie we finished 8'th the best Danish club result ever.

Video at finish 2. leg
2. leg
12-06-05 WOC Test Long Velling (DEN)     M21 Map 1
Map 2
11-06-05 WOC Test Middle Grund (DEN)     M21 Map  
10-06-05 WOC Test Sprint Kolding Kolding (DEN)     M21 Map  
29-05-05 AUS WOC Trials Middle Bunjil (VIC-AUS)     M21 Map  
28-05-05 AUS WOC Trials Long The Blow Hole (VIC-AUS)     M21 Map  
27-05-05 AUS WOC Trials Sprint Hepburn Springs (VIC-AUS)     M21 Map  
15-05-05 Blodslitet Lake Wombat (VIC-AUS)     M21 Map 1
Map 2
Map 3 & 4
08-05-05 NOL 10 Long Distance Julimar Brook (WA-AUS)     M21 Map  
07-05-05 NOL 9 Sprint Umuna (WA-AUS)     M21 Map  
07-05-05 NOL 8 Middle dist Umuna (WA-AUS)     M21 Map  
25-04-05 NOL 7 sprint Sydney Park (NSW-AUS)     M21 Map  
24-04-05 NOL 6 "long" distance Dungeree Forest (NSW-AUS)     M21 Map  
23-04-05 NOL 5 Aus Middle distance Gsnguddy East (NSW-AUS)     M21 Map  
28-03-05 Oz Easter Jindabyne Day 3 (NSW-AUS)     M21E Map  
27-03-05 Oz Easter Jindabyne Day 2 (NSW-AUS)     M21E Map  
26-03-05 Oz Easter Jindabyne Day 1 (NSW-AUS)     M21E Map  
25-03-05 Oz Easter Jindabyne Prolog (NSW-AUS)     M21E Map  
27-02-05 Eureka Challenge Nerrina (VIC-AUS)   The legs and head were tired so took it easy. M21 Map Classic

Map Sprintt

26-02-05 VIC Middle dist Champs Slaty Creek (VIC-AUS)   Really nice gold mining terrain and challenging navigation. Ended 7'th as best Victorian. The legs were feeling a tired and didn't have the 5'th gear. M21 Map  
22-02-05 Terræn test runde - Yarra Bend Park MelB (VIC-AUS)       Map part 1
Map part 2
16-02-05 VIC sprint Champs Scotch College  (VIC-AUS)   A 10 Sec mistake and soar legs after a hill run the day before, made it impossible to retain the Vic Sprint Champs title. M21 Map  
13-02-05 Mellem Dist 'Paradise' Paradise
Queenstown (NZ)
  A real beauty! super terrain taken just out of Lord of the Rings Ren, perfect for orienteering! Lost to much time in the Jungle part, and twisted the ankle and ended in a stream! M21E To Come  
12-02-05 Otago Champs Klassisk Distance 'Queenstown Hill' Queenstown (NZ)   Super nice terrain, the entire course in alpine terrain with nice views and rounded hills. M21E To Come  
11-02-05 Takapo, Takapo (NZ)   Training in beautiful Tisvilde hegn look alike terrain with CJ on the way south towards Queenstown.   Map  
09-01-05 Oceania Open 2005 NZ - Day 2 Weiti Weiti (NZ)     M21E Map  
08-01-05 Oceania Open 2005 NZ - Day 1 Stillwater East Stillwater East (NZ)     M21E Map  
Date Type Forrest (State/Country)   Comments Result Map  
07-11-04 VIC Champs Relay
Eppalock North (VIC-AUS)       Map  
04-11-04 VIC Champs Sprint
LaTrobe Uni (VIC-AUS)     M21 Map  
31-10-04 Sprint Orienteering
Eaglemont Flats (VIC-AUS)       Map  
23-10-04 MTB-O WOC Relay
Mosquito Flats (VIC-AUS)   Training   Map  
22-10-04 MTB-O WOC Short Final - Ballarat
Quartz Hill (VIC-AUS)     Men Map  
20-10-04 MTB-O WOC Long Final - Ballarat
Wombat Station
Bell's Reef (VIC-AUS)
    Men Map part 1
Map part 2
19-10-04 MTB-O WOC Long Qualification - Ballarat
Creswick Forest (VIC-AUS)     Men Map  
18-10-04 MTB-O WOC Ballarat
Creswick Forest (VIC-AUS)       Map  
02-10-04 FM MTB-O Silkeborg Vesterskov (DEN)     Men    
26-09-04 Danish Long Champs Rønhøj Ovdrup (DEN)     Men
22-08-04 JFM-Long Rosenvoldskovene (DEN)     Men
15-08-04 Midgårdsormen Kollerup (DEN)       Map  
14-08-04 Danish Middle Champs Svinkløv (DEN) Men
08-08-04 WOC-trial Long Åva Norra (SWE)     Men    
07-08-04 WOC-trial Sprint 2. round Köping (SWE)     Men    
07-08-04 WOC-trial Sprint 1. round Köping (SWE)     Men    
05-08-04 WOC-trial Middle Broskogen (SWE)     Menr    
16-07-04 EOC Long finale Klinteskoven (DEN)     Men See EOC site  
11-07-04 EOC Middle finale Grønholt Hegn (DEN)     Men See EOC site  
11-07-04 EOC Middle Qualification Bidstrup Skovene (DEN)     Men See  
10-07-04 EOC Long Qualification Bidstrup Skovene (DEN)     Men See  
13-07-04 EOC trial Long Slagelse Skovene (DEN)     Men
12-07-04 EOC trial Middle Sorø Sønderskov (DEN)     Men
11-07-04 EOC trial Sprint Sorø (DEN)     Men
08-05-04 KUM - Long (EM-training) Jægersborg Hegn (DEN)     All  


20-05-04 EOC training - Middle Lystrup Skov (DEN)     All
22-05-04 MTB-O Teglstrup Hegn (DEN)     Men    
25-05-04 Copenhagen City Cup Brønshøj (DEN)     Men
30-05-04 EOC training - Middle Stenholt Vang (DEN)     Men
31-05-04 EOC training - Long Nørreskoven (DK)     All    
01-06-04 Copenhagen City Cup Valby Parken (DEN)     Men



The Orienteering is cancelled! What am I going to do?

May you spike all your controls when you go Orienteering!